Future of Women

The Future of Women is a global community and storytelling series highlighting creative and impactful women around the world. With a fun, fearless and creative millennial audience, the Future of Women takes inspiration from it's community - we feature gorgeous illustrations from the community (By Isabel, header banner), an editorial layout featuring full photos of the creators that make it easy to explore stories, learn and get involved.

The design is influenced by pop-art and has a fun, cheeky editorial and illustrative style to allow the brand to feel creative, forward thinking, cheeky, chic, modern and clean (with the containment of illustrations and patterns within clean lines and purposeful white space).

Top Illustration by Isabel Castillo Guijarro; Placeholder Photos: Cherry Bombe, Coco Davez, Garance Dore

Visit them here: https://www.futureofwomen.org/