We work with those we care about and believe in.
Our biggest reward—seeing our clients thrive.

Our Clients Have—

Grown Their Brand
Credibility & Reach

Through design, we'll create a professionalism and robustness around your business that targets your audience.

Accelerated Business Growth, Impact & Transformation

We'll keep you distinct, on-brand, relevant.
We'll optimize your online customer experience, creating an easy way for your customers to be engaged, learn more and buy.

Felt Relief

Our structured creative process and clear communication gets things done on time, on brand and stress-free. You'll be relieved that your brand finally matches your business vision - and through such a fun, creative and easy process!

Saved Valuable Time & Energy

We'll take care of the design + digital, allowing you to focus on the parts of the business that you love.
Now, you can grow your reach and impact.

Saved Money

By building a website and brand that is professional, meets key goals and can grow with your business, we save you time, hassle, effort and money in the long run.

We create websites in a way that are easy to maintain and update - no coding needed and no costly monthly maintenance to pay a developer to change just one word.

Spend More Time Offline With
Loved Ones

You created your business to have an impact and create more personal freedom. We free up your time from the haze of digital confusion so that you can get to what's most important to you - Your quality of life and loved ones.

Wondering if we'd be a good match?

Anjelica Triola,
Founder of Skill Committee

Emily was a dream to work with! She's incredibly organized and thoughtful, asking lots of pointed questions early on that helped our client properly prioritize their needs and wants. Her clear communication and ability to effectively implement feedback enabled our team to agree on a wonderful design solution on a faster timeline than anticipated. I would absolutely recommend her for future projects!

Carla Blumenthal, Founder of Carla Blumenthal Consulting

"There are designers who design to get the job done and then there are designers who put the project into a larger context for your business. Emily is not only a designer with a fun, elegant taste; she communicates well--her vision, implications, and deadlines. I hired Emily to add design elements to my site and couldn't be happier. Not only did she do a beautiful job, but she was a joy to work with. I recommend her services to anyone who is in need of a designer with soul."

Helya Mohammadian,
CEO of SlickChicks

"I was so impressed with Emily's work on multiple levels. She had an uncanny sense for what I was doubting and offered her advice and ideas for my consideration, and did it all in a timely manner and with excellent communication skills. I recommend Emily unequivocally to all my colleagues."

Inoka Ho,
Founder of Sydney Cocktail Club

"The whole process was really smooth and delivered within the timescales agreed. Appreciated the guidance for DIY options and bringing what I could only articulate vaguely into life - site looks much better than I even imagined!"

Franziska Alesso, Ph. D.,
Founder of thewellspace

"Emily expertly helped me with the review of my website from a branding perspective ... she was able to quickly point out areas where my sales funnel, and client engagement fell short, and also could point me towards “best practice” examples in my industry.

Emily is a great communicator, and very eager to deliver beyond of what’s expected of her. I fully recommend working with her to anyone needing help with branding, design or illustration services."

Jennifer Pelka, Founder of The Riddler & Magnum PR

"Emily is a talented graphic designer, and a joy to work with. She's fast, smart, and collaborative in her designs. I couldn't recommend her work more!"

"Emily is an artist first, and a graphic designer second. Her approach is unlike others, and I am always thrilled with the final product.

Emily is open to feedback but always leads her clients in the right direction. I can confidently say that Emily is one of the most diligent graphic designers I have worked with over the years."

Larissa May, Social Media Consultant & Founder of Halfthestory

Danielle Fankhauser, Content Marketing Manager at Reflektive

"The whole team was impressed with Emily's work on our illustrated posters. We needed a creative, inviting take on a concept and Emily exceeded expectations -- her work needed very few changes but she communicated effectively from beginning to end of the process. She is the designer we'll turn to when we need something high-quality and memorable."

Julie Mae Weber,
Founder & Yoga + Meditation Teacher

"I hired Emily to build the visual identity for a new brand. She quickly understood my vision, she's thoughtful in her approach and delivers top quality work in a timely and professional manner. I recommend her to anyone with complete confidence!"

Shannon Janico, Founder of Heaven Bent Women






"Emily Chen is an incredibly creative, kind, generous, talented, and hardworking graphic artist. From the moment I met Emily, I knew she was high quality because she was professional in taking the time to really understand my vision (not her vision) of my community and implemented many steps to make the end product something I truly love. She created three gorgeous logos that were truly near impossible to choose from. She was responsive to my emails and created high end proofs incorporating themes of my community and purpose in mind-blowing creative ways. She is destined to do epic things, and I am truly blessed that she created Heaven Bent Women's gorgeous and meaningful logo."

Sectors We've Worked With —

Design & Creative
Social Impact & Global Health
Food & Restaurants
Health & Wellness
Lifestyle, Travel & Adventure
Women’s Empowerment, Diversity & Inclusion
Education, Cultural Publications & Institutions
Start-Ups & Entreprenuership

We are always up for new ideas & collaborations.