Maptia x Charity:Water Campaign

I was honored to be a part of a project close to my heart - global health access. In September 2015, Charity:Water launched their #NothingIsCrazy Campaign to kick off their September Fundraising Campaign to raise money for clean water access globally. They approached Maptia, a visual storytelling platform, to tell engaging stories of the creative, bold, inventive ways their community raised money for clean water access. Maptia helped Charity:Water launch a series of stories. I illustrated the lettering for the launch of Charity:Water's series of stories on the Maptia platform. These graphics would be used for web and social media. Since the character of both Maptia and Charity:Water's community is socially conscious, aspirational and boldly inventive, I created a look and feel that matched that optimistic energy and spirit. More information can be found here: