Stellar Spice

I created a fresh, modern, elegant and bold identity for Stellar Spice, an artisan scarf brand whose target audience is bold, adventurous millennial women. Stellar Spice is inspired by the movements of the celestial bodies and heavens. Heavily influenced by the concept of change, transformation and discovery. Each scarf is made from all natural cotton and dyes. Each is hand woven, hand painted -- classic and bold, like the women who wear them.


I created a classic, elegant logo that would be flexible across various brand touch points. It represents an elegant inlocking of the letter 'S' -- alluding to the brand name and also the concept of transformation. I used Maven Pro font for the wordmark - a modern and simple pairing with the logo. 


Inspired by the hand crafted aspect of the scarves themselves, I created these one-of-a-kind pieces of art for the brand's supporting visual system. Made from liquid acrylics.

The branding was then applied to business cards, envelops and advertisements.