Finding Home, Taking Ownership.

"Is this home? Is this home?”

This question is on repeat on my mind a lot now that I’m traveling and looking for my next home base.

My mind is always going a million directions comparing the pros and cons of this city to the next and the next constantly… searching. 

But what I’ve started to realize is, in order to find home, you must be at home within yourself.

You have to take ownership of yourself. 

Owning your dreams, owning where you are and where you want to be, owning who you are and who you are not, owning your fears and facing them, owning how you look, owning the respect, appreciation and support you deserve, owning the past, present and future, owning the light and dark parts of your story, owning your ask, owning your ambition, owning your art, owning how you get to define yourself, owning your part in creating your path and the world you want to live in.

When you are comfortable with yourself, you can find home wherever you go.

This is definitely a work in progress for me.

So I ask you, dear friends, how are you doing this for yourselves? 


Emily ChenComment