2016, Here We Come!

Two thousand sixteen.

I can feel you in my bones.

The year for exciting new beginnings, letting go, slowing down, reconnecting, resurfacing, courage and play.

My intentions for 2016 is to push past the fear of not good enough and pursue the projects that I love in the travel, women’s empowerment, creative, global health and food space. 

It’s about saying ’No’ so that I have more room to say ‘Yes’ to the opportunities that scare me. It’s about creating more—design, illustration, photography—and not waiting until it’s perfect to be placed out in the world.

It's not only about traveling more, but being more present, engaged and grateful for each waking moment.

It's about simply being me, not who I should be, where I should be, where I work.

It’s about connecting to my be-ing, not my doing.

It’s about taking care of myself, mentally, financially, physically, creatively and spiritually so that I can take care of my community and my work.

It’s about loving myself well. 

It’s about connecting with nature more.

It’s about being grateful about where I am.

It’s about balance and catching my breath. 

It's about taking up space.

It's about following my inner wisdom.

It’s about learning who I want to be to myself and others. And realizing there are no shortcuts on this path.

It’s about being intentional on creating the life I want. 

It’s about stretching into the fullness of my whole being and ability.

It’s about continuing to find more of my tribe (Thank you for lighting my fire). 

It’s about savoring the highs and seeing the beauty lows and all the “those days” in between. 

It's about simple moments—capturing joy in a photograph, reconnecting with friends in all different time zones, the mouthfeel of strong coffee, the scent of a crisp autumn day, being alone in a foreign city for the first time.

Because those small moments are simply life’s biggest joys.

2016, here we come!

Emily ChenComment