Christmas in Summer & Missing NYC

There are moments when I'll see a photo of the skyline and my heart does a little flip flop. I can still feel the thrum of the cold, brisk, frenetic air, steam rising from manhole covers, the the honking of taxicabs, the shouts of hawkers, the glare of the morning sun reflecting from the buildings, and being a part of the crowds. People hustling, people walking briskly to the grocery stores, people running late for work, people walking to a late brunch with dear friends. People starting over, people here to prove themselves, people here to find themselves, people here to find a different way of life, people indifferent and over New York, people wide-eyed with curiosity in New York for the first time. People walking every which way, going every which way in life. Miss you my dear city and my NYC family. 

Emily ChenComment